About Us

About Us


Jason and Alisha

Owners, and Wanna Bee bartenders(Now we have an excuse to learn).

Interests: Music, the beach, sports, drinking with friends.

Edumacation: Some College(not good ones, more like 13th grade in high school)

Favorite bands: Any reggae music. Love Sublime, Bob Marley, Weezer, Cake, Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars, Jack Johnson. Also any good rock will do.


Kanai Pronounced(Can I) I know, seriously..

Recently domesticated Bar Manager.

Profile: Kanai is a devout Boozist, a fifth degree Jack Belt, and fun like a horse. His name came to his mother in a dream and now he’s living it(as in Kanai have another beer) .

Awards: Gold medalist. Catergory- “Most likely to share a random thought”

Musics: His musical taste is eclectic to say the least – opera to Pearl Jam, Enya to Dethclok, and just about anything live.